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A Better Approach to 
Your Healthcare

I will work together with you to provide the highest quality, and the  most up-to-date medical care.  PearlMed is here to transform your healthcare!

Robert Wagenaar, MD
Owner, Founder

How Do Patients Benefit?

Click on this link Additional Benefits for a detailed breakdown of all the benefits you will receive by joining PearlMed DPC. Direct Primary Care is really how doctors and patients develop, and build a relationship together, and help you to become in control of your health.  It's simply Healthcare NOT Sick Care.

  • Access to the doctor

    • Same-day or next-day appointments​

    • You can call, text, and email

    • Telehealth 

  • Clearly define services in Membership Agreement

  • Clear and predictable pricing -- Prices for services are well defined and available to the patient in easy to read format.

  • Adequate time with your doctor, extended visits are standard

    • 30-90 minute appointments if needed​

  • Wholesale laboratory testing​

  • At-cost diagnostic imaging

  • Wholesale medications

  • Peace of mind

    • Knowing that your physician will know you well​

    • Having an open line of communication directly with the doctor

  • Availablilty of home visits​

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