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Does your employer offer Direct Primary Care?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

This week we are introducing our Corporate Direct Primary Care Plan. We have a strong interest in providing small employers with a health benefit that they can offer to their employees that is valuable, affordable and simple. What is that benefit? Well of course, Direct Primary Care! I will be your employees Family Physician. We are NOT and insurance plan and we do not bill insurance. We offer personalized primary care services for employees that is based on an affordable monthly membership fee. Employers can pay the entire monthly fee or share cost of the fees with their employees. This is a win for everybody! If you already have insurance, no problem, this benefit adds a VIP service that will provide employees with access and personalize healthcare by PearlMed DPC. This will help retain employees by decreasing the worry about their health. As an added benefit the membership is portable and the employee can take it with them if they have a job change. Please contact me to discuss how we can tailor a plan for you and your business.

Dr Robb--


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