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Why Direct Primary Care?

Maybe the most common question I have been asked is why Direct Primary Care? I was first inspired about this clinic model about 10 years ago when a few brave pioneers in the field presented the concept at the American Academy of Family Medicine Assembly, the largest primary care conference in the country. It was then that I knew that Direct Primary would be in my future. Through the years I watched and observed but was afraid to leave the security of a salaried position. Two years ago I took notice of how the model has taken growth throughout the country. As of today there are 1810 direct primary care clinics throughout the United States!

In 2021 The Montana Legislature passed Senate Bill 101, which was sponsored by Senator Cary Smith, R-Billings. The bill was signed into law by Greg Gianforte. This was my green light and I began the transition. Because I have been employed all my career, I had to learn to become an entrepreneur and to take economic risk. I greatly admire those who are entrepreneurs because it is certainly not as easy as they make it look. Direct Primary Clinics are starting to take off in Montana. We (PearMed DPC) are now one of three DPCs in Billings. It is just a matter of time and people will learn the extraordinary value of directly contracting with their physician. It is simpler than what you imagined. It is a great way for you meet you and your families primary care needs. DPCs do not bill insurance which significantly decreases overhead and provides transparency in cost. It makes it simple. The affordable monthly membership provides patient with unsurpassed access to their physician and DPCs make it a priority to respect patient's time.

We also have Corporate Plans for the small business owner that want provide an affordable high value benefit to their employees. We are not insurance but provide high quality affordable primary care by an experienced board certified family physician. We will be at the Billings Home Improvement Show Sept 9, 10 and 11th, so so please stop by and say hi, we look forward to visiting with you.-

---- Dr Robb

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